Vaccination to combat Covid-19 in Asha Slum Communities

98-year-old Akhila from Seelampur and many other elderly and differently-abled slum residents would not have received Covid-19 vaccination if there were no vaccination camps across the Asha centres!

Asha has strengthened the Government of India’s Covid-19 vaccination drive and made efforts to vaccinate its entire eligible population of slum dwellers on a war footing since the first day when the vaccination drive was launched in the country. This was done by getting each patient registered on the vaccination portal online, and then accompanying them to the government vaccination Centre.

In December 2021, Asha developed an intensive strategy to work in close coordination with the Government of Delhi’s Immunization Department to organize vaccination camps for its entire slum population, in our various centres.

The Asha team and the warriors went from house to house to look for unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals. Efforts to remove hesitancy or misconception about the vaccines were made.

On the day of the camp, the long lines were seen outside the Asha centres. The Asha teams ensured all Covid protocols were followed. For the sick and the elderly patients, it was ensured that the vaccination officers went to their homes to vaccinate them. After the vaccination, the corona warriors were positioned at their residences to look out for any adverse reactions.

Asha was able to organise 25 vaccination camps in December 2021 across the Asha slums with more than 5000 eligible slum residents being vaccinated. We are pleased to inform you that more than 90% of the eligible population across the Asha slums has received the first dose.

Asha will not stop here. The focus is now to vaccinate the children aged 15-18 years across the Asha communities as per the Government’s Policy. Asha will also ensure a Booster dose of vaccine for its frontline team as well as the elderly with comorbidities as soon as it is available. Focus will also be on those who have not received their second dose, to ensure that they become fully vaccinated.



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