Vidya-Realising her dream to become a Nurse and serve her community

Hello folks, this is the beautiful story of Vidya from Kusumpur Pahadi slum. Her father tragically died about ten years ago and immediately after, the family went into deep financial distress. Vidya was young, and a bright student at school. However, her mother began to work as a small time helper to earn some money. This meant that Vidya had to take over all the household work when she was barely 8 years old. Then another tragedy struck. Her brother developed a mental illness and was severely incapacitated. Young Vidya found herself looking after her brother, her other siblings, and doing all the household work including cooking for the family. Her studies took a back seat. She was sad about this. She loved to learn, but hardly had any time. She wanted to become a nurse. This was her dream. She saw the nurses at the hospital serving her ailing father and wanted to serve the sick and the needy too. But she said to herself that it was impossible. She couldn’t study and her family had no money. She was reconciled to a life of poverty and poor education.

One day an Asha Ambassador came across her and they began to talk. Vidya shared her story with her. She brought Vidya to the Asha center. Vidya was overwhelmed by the IT Lab with high speed internet, the books, the resources to prepare for the school-leaving exam, the mentoring and coaching provided by the Asha senior students, and the atmosphere of kindness and support.
When the pandemic struck, Vidya’s schooling went online. She of course had no smart phone, so she would come regularly to Asha to study.
The Asha family encouraged Vidya not to give up her dream to become a nurse. She could do it with their help, they said!
Vidya began to study really hard. She did really well in her school leaving exam, and with Asha’s support, got into the School of Nursing and Institute of Public Health and Hygiene! What an exciting day it was for her, for her family, and for all of us! It’s an expensive program, and Asha paid her tuition as well as other expenses.

Way to go Vidya! Don’t worry, we are with you and will be there for you always.

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