Life is Beautiful

Bal Mandal is the forum where children from the Asha slum communities find their expression, develop their minds and body through edutainment activities and, if we may add, regain their lost childhood.

Danish is a brilliant child of Bal mandal at Seelampur, studying in class IX. Danish comes to the center with his two sisters. Gulnaz and Alfiya. Studying in class VIII and class XII, respectively. Danish is the President of the Bal Mandal, which has taught him responsibility at an early age. He looks forward to come to the centre every day after school, completes his homework, sits on the laptop, practices values, plays chess with other interested friends, reads books, but most importantly, plays around and charms everybody with his innocent smile and perhaps, once to fulfil his dreams of becoming an IPS officer. Asha is a getaway for Danish and his siblings, who had to bear the trauma of their father abandoning them when Danish was three. Danish’s mother works as a sweeper in nearby houses for the family's survival.

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