Motherly love at Asha

“The memories of those dark days of my life still haunts me. My mother was on the death bed and my father used to do all the domestic chores as well as took care of mother and us” said a teary-eyed Yash Pal. Yash was barely 14 years old when he lost her mother to…
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Journey of Harshit with Asha

Harshit and Harsh are twins, sons of a family living in Chanderpuri slum colony. Their father came to the city out of  desperation for earning livelihood when the children were about 4 years of age. The family found a small piece of land in the east of Delhi next to a railway line. They built…
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Know Tushar’s story in his own words

“I was born in great poverty to parents who lived in a slum by the railway track. My father was a labourer doing low paid work at Asia’s largest scrapyard, breaking down old cars or machines with crude tools and implements, and earning barely 75 pounds in a month. The biggest tragedy is that after…
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