Children Practicing Values-The Asha Way of Life

Asha Values lies at the core of its thematic interventions and acts as a critical pivot for all its programme endeavours.
The children of Bal Mandal begins their journey at Asha learning life skills embedded with values such as joy, gratitude, affirmation, generosity, power of touch, compassion etc. which builds the roadmap for their growth and development and nurtures their human qualities. The Asha family practices different Asha values like washing the feet of the elderly, hugging each other to express joy and happiness, showing generosity by feeding the needy, practicing care and compassion by providing daily use items to the abandoned elderly, sharing meals, celebrating festivals, tying gratitude band to one another and many other activities.

The Asha team strives explicitly to teach young children in the slums the importance of imbibing and practising different life values in their daily lives. The children are encouraged to affirm each other, emphasizing good qualities of one another and generate vibrant energy through the power of touch. The Environment is filled with positivity and hope.

These photos are glimpses of such beautiful moments where our Bal Mandal Children affirm each other with a positive touch filled with love and joy.

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