David Briggs, Trustee of Friends of Asha GB, visits Kusumpur Pahari Slum Community

David Briggs,Trustee of Friends of Asha GB and a wonderful friend is visiting us after 3 long years. After a warm welcome by the Asha team and the warriors, the vibrant college students narrated their life stories and explained how Asha has played a pivotal role in shaping their journey. David said he was fascinated after meeting these fresh, young minds and how they had a voice of their own and acted as role models for others in their community.

After the lively and vibrant interaction with the students, the tone was set for a sombre, heart touching and emotional Geriatric feeding programme. The elderlies in their twilight years, who had worked hard for their families and had seen so many ups and downs in their lives, really looked forward every day to come to Asha, meet and greet everyone with a warm embrace and settle down for a delicious lunch after a prayer. The challenging individual stories of the elderlies moved David and he mentioned that he was really touched and privileged to be part of this beautiful moment.

David practiced Servanthood in Leadership when he washed the feet of 65 year old Ram Bahadur in a serene and tranquil environment. The emotional connect was very deep and David said that this was one of best moments of his life and gave him inner peace.

After lunch, the powerful ladies of Mahila Mandal shared their life stories and their relentless march to move forward and change their destiny, scripting new success stories everyday. The ladies also practiced the Asha value of Affirmation, when they were grouped in pairs and affirmed their partners.

After the community visit, where David interacted with the members of the community in their homes, the stage was set for the final session with beautiful children of the Bal Mandal. He engaged in values based learning activities with the children. He explained the Story of Deepawali and highlighted the central message- the triumph of good over evil and the ushering in an era of hope. David said that he would always cherish the fond memories of this visit and would come back again next year.

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