Dr Kiran Demonstrates Servanthood in Leadership for everyone to Emulate

It was with great love and tenderness that Asha’s Founder Dr Kiran washed the feet of two of the oldest members of the Asha family, Senior Nurse Practitioner Lelani, and Senior Lab Technician, Jacob. It was a deeply soul stirring moment for everyone present. The environment was marked by serenity and tranquility. It was also a time of welling up of heartfelt emotions of love and respect. “I will cherish this memory throughout my life”, said Lelani, unable to hold back her tears. We are all learning the true meaning of Servant Leadership by example. As all the Asha leaders try and practice this model of leadership, we experience freedom and liberation from self-centredness, wonderful bonding, understanding with, and respect from our team members. We feel a sense of energy and enthusiasm, a flourishing of the qualities within us, and wisdom to think clearly while making difficult decisions. There is a strong sense of belonging to the Asha family, where all members care for and support each other.

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