Sharing Joy and Happiness through the Power of Touch across Asha Slum Communities

Hi everyone, as I saw the wonderful pictures of people in the Asha communities lovingly embracing one another, I thought I’d share something of the Power of Touch in our lives.

Touch is a fundamental necessity, just as the air we breathe. We first experience the world through touch, and we cannot survive without it.

Touch stimuli change the biochemistry of our brains in a dramatic and positive manner. Touch makes us feel secure, close, gives us comfort, joy and a deep connection that sometimes cannot be expressed in words. Touch strengthens our immune system, and we live longer and healthier lives. Touch keeps us emotionally balanced. A gentle caress can comfort, calm, and lower heart rate. It increases oxytocin that stimulates trust, endorphins that bring us happiness, and reduces the levels of cortisol, thereby reducing stress.

Lonely people do not experience touch. In the absence of touch, we suffer from anxiety, depression and addiction because our brains are looking for substitutes in the absence of touch. The good news is that our sense of touch can return any time, specially towards the end of life.

Touch gives us great happiness all through our lives, so let us keep walking on the road of hugs, caresses and loving embraces always.

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