“Reunion of Success: Asha Alumni Inspire and Empower Future Generations”

Last Saturday, a lively and joyous atmosphere filled the air as more than 30 young men and women, who have established successful careers in renowned multinational corporations and other prestigious organizations, gathered together. Their meeting after a long time sparked laughter, excitement, and a nostalgic trip down memory lane, where they eagerly shared their personal and professional journeys. Asha Alumni serve as a platform for graduates to connect, exchange ideas, and maintain ties with the Asha family.
The alums fondly reminisced about their beginnings and reflected on their remarkable success in their respective fields, largely owing to the unwavering support they received from Dr Kiran and the Asha family for the role Asha played in shaping their futures. The alum members exchanged ideas on how they could give back and enrich the lives of future Asha students with their expertise and skills. They proposed several constructive initiatives, such as providing job opportunities to recent graduates through professional referrals, organizing orientation and training programs to enhance students' skills, establishing a platform for personal growth and development, promoting social accountability based on Asha's values, and conducting training sessions to improve interview skills and boost confidence. The students conveyed their heartfelt gratitude to Asha for its invaluable role in shaping their paths and helping them achieve their goals.

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