Unleashing Confidence: Muskan’s Journey with Asha Bal Mandal

Asha Bal Mandal is a platform where young children in slum communities learn to express themselves, become vocal, and acquire invaluable skills. Muskan from Ekta Vihar, now thirteen years old, recalls her story of joining Asha Bal Mandal at seven and how such a move helped her overcome her shyness and improve her academic performance. Muskan was reluctant to join the Bal Mandal programme, and when her mother took her to the Asha Centre, tears rolled down her cheeks. Nevertheless, with the efforts of the Asha team, she started attending regularly. In the beginning, Muskan was timid, lacking the confidence to seek help or voice her opinions. Gradually she built up her self-assurance as her fellow members encouraged her to speak in front of others, and over time, she started showing interest in practicing different Asha values like affirmation, gratitude, and joy which is helping her to become a sensitive human being. Muskan initially had little interest in her studies. She developed a newfound enthusiasm for learning through her involvement in different edutainment activities and classes. Now, Muskan motivates young students in her slum to join the Bal Mandal sharing her story.

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