Asha Community shares the burden with Rehmati, an Elderly Widow, to conduct her daughter’s wedding.

“Love cannot remain by itself-it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that action is service.”

This story showcases the power of love and service as the Asha slum community comes together to help an elderly widow and her family during a time of need.

In a narrow lane of the Chanderpuri Slum, Rehmati, an elderly widow, lives in a small shabby shanty with her 30-year-old son, who is suffering from Bone Tuberculosis (Bone TB). She and her husband worked as a domestic help and rickshaw puller, respectively and raised their four daughters and a son. Her husband passed away 15 years ago, and she has struggled to run the family since then. She is currently diagnosed with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and the Asha team takes care of her and does follow-up health services for her son.

Her daughter-in-law has left them with two kids and gone to Mumbai. Rehmati was postponing her last daughter’s marriage as she was ill and financially struggling. For a girl’s parent like Rehmati, conducting her wedding became challenging as her daughter’s proposal was often rejected due to a lack of money. Rehmati became tense and went into depression, not knowing what to do. During one of the area visits by the Asha team, Rehmati met and shared her sorrows and struggles with Ms Anita, Asha’s Team Leader at Chanderpuri. Understanding Rehmati’s difficulties, the Asha team, Mahila Mandal members, and young Asha ambassadors demonstrated the true meaning of love by putting their compassion into action and helping Rehmati conduct her daughter’s wedding. They collected money and gifts, prepared food, and arranged logistics for the marriage. The Asha Ambassadors and Mahila Mandal members ensured that the marriage function went well, bringing back the happiness and smiles on the Rehmati’s face.

Rehmati and her daughter are grateful to the Asha team for their timely help in conducting the wedding. They mention with deep gratitude that it would not have been possible if the Asha team and the community members had come forward to do so. What a great way to practice the Asha way of Life!

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