Elderlies fostering Harmony and Love through acts of Feet-Washing across Asha Slums

January has begun with the practice of Hindus and Muslims as well as persons from low castes and high castes washing each other’s feet. Such an act gives rise to wonderful emotions of love and fraternity and breaks down all kinds of barriers. How can you hate someone who has lovingly washed your feet? This idea came up by Mohan, my daughter’s Prerna’s father-in-law, during our recent discussions on the subject of the washing of feet. please thank Mohan for his vision and insight and let him know we have implemented his suggestions.

Bhagwati from an Upper Caste washes the feet of Dayawati from a Lower Caste. And what a loving embrace thereafter

Bhagwati a Hindu Woman washes the feet of Ansari a Muslim woman

And they end this act with an embrace filled with love

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